This is a fun 3D puzzle-solving platformer made with Armory 3D. Collect enough coins to open up doors and look for secret paths and some easter eggs!


  • A,X/▢,X/W,↑,Space=Jump
  • Left stick/A,←,→=Move left & right
  • Y,B/🛆,O/S,↓=Reorient
  • Right Bumper/P=Play music
  • Left Bumper/M=Mute music

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*New* Linux Release:

The Linux offline version requires the following dependencies before it will run:

  • Browser with WebGL ≥2.0 capabilities
  • git
  • zenity
  • mesa-utils
  • python3
  • python

Minimum system requirements:

  • OpenGL 3.0
  • 2 GB of system RAM
  • CPU/GPU released past 2010

Recommended system requirements:

  • OpenGL ≥3.0
  • 4 GB of system RAM
  • CPU/GPU released past 2016

Install instructions

Source code:

To edit the source code go to and download the source from "master." Then you will need at least Armory 0.5 (Blender 2.8 version) to edit it. For HTML5 you will need to make a localhost of the folder where the files are located and open it in a modern web browser such as Google Chrome, Chromium, or Firefox.

Linux (full, HD release):

To install the Linux version, download "" and run it. You will need the dependencies listed in the page description first. Once the game installs itself, simply run "blocksk8" in terminal or find it in the desktop's app launcher. An updater will also install which you can run to update the game files automatically.


Linux (Full, HD Release) Installer 2 kB
GitLab source code

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